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3243 E. Palmdale Blvd. Palmdale, CA 93550

Spay & Neuter Rates

Cats:  Male          $55.00

           Female      $95.00

Dogs:  Male      

            0-30lbs      $97.00

            31-40lbs    $108.00

            41-50lbs    $115.00

            51-60lbs    $122.00

            61-70lbs    $130.00

            71-80lbs    $137.00

            81-90lbs    $144.00

            91-100lbs  $151.00

            Over 100lbs will be addl.


            0-30lbs      $110.00

            31-40lbs    $131.00

            41-50lbs    $145.00

            51-60lbs    $159.00

            61-70lbs    $173.00

            71-80lbs    $187.00

            81-90lbs    $200.00

            91-100lbs  $215.00

            Over 100 lbs will be addl.

There will be an additional charge of $31.00-$73.00 if your pet has an enlarged uterus, is pregnant, lactating, or has excess internal fat.

Pain management by injection and/or oral is addl. $18.00 - $43.00 Buster Collars are also available.

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